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Sports & Games Data Labeling & Annotation for AI

Sports Annotation

Precise BPO Solution provides Tagging, Tracking, Analytics & Annotation services for sports like Soccer, Rugby, Hockey, Ice-Hockey, Tennis, Badminton, Baseball, Cricket, Lacrosse, Kick Boxing & multiple others. Our expertise for sports analytics includes the collection of relevant, historical & statistical data, helping in providing competitive advantage & improving the on-field performance of teams & individuals.

We label players from game footages using bounding boxes to process quality training data used for training real-time tracking modules on fields.  Using key points and bounding boxes, we label various poses of players used for action identification.

From video games to live sports activities, every action can be monitored to make it usable as training data for AI and machine learning based models in gaming industry. 

Sports and Games Annotation Services

Players Annotation

Players Annotation

Cars Annotation

Car Tracking Annotation

Action Annotation

Action Identification Annotation

Player Annotation

Player Segmentation

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