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Healthcare Administrative Services

We offer Paper Claims to EDI Conversion services to Health Plans, TPAs, MSOs, Medicaid MCOs, Reprising Companies, IPAs and other Managed Care companies throughout United States and India.

We convert tens of thousands of CMS-1500, HCFA-1500, UB-04, UB-92 and a variety of Dental paper claims to HIPAA compliant ANSI 837-4010 EDI formats for our customers every day.

Simple and affordable, our service automates your front-end claims processing, cuts costs, eliminates the manual data entry and OCR verification, and improves accuracy of paper claims adjudication while at the same time improving turnaround time.

Data Entry and Data Conversion

Medical Records

Data Entry

PBS operators perform direct data entry through a secured connection into the client’s system. Minimal setup and implementation time allows PBS to relieve the pressures for entering claim information into their adjudication software quickly.

Data Conversion

The most efficient method for entering claims into most adjudication systems is through EDI interfaces that provide for a quick method for in-loading claims. PBS performs data capture of claim information through its proprietary systems that incorporate data verification processes providing the highest data quality in the industry.

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