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Our specialists are highly trained to adapt short-term and long-term data labeling annotation tasks per month with full compliance to the client's needs and expectations with a fast turnaround time.

We have the right set of tools and expertise to annotate your data adapting to your use cases.

We classify data such as images, video, text, audio, and social media posts and comments. We label an unlimited number of classes in your metadata attribution process.

Our annotators identify and locate objects like traffic signs, pedestrians, natural bodies in aerial photographs, and other objects in images or videos to be used in your training datasets.

Best Low Cost Data Labeling Services


We at Precise BPO follow competitive pricing modules and offer our services at a rate determined by the work-hours, complexity, and volume of your project.

By outsourcing image annotation services to Precise BPO your business can leverage our experience and expertise to drive smarter, more insightful ML & AI computer vision models.

Working with a vast array of global clients, we have created a name in the marketplace that is trusted by industry leaders. Our set of excellent tools and technology makes us capable of handling numerous types of annotation techniques.

Data annotation can be a tedious task and time-consuming. That’s why it makes more business sense to outsource image annotation services to a reliable partner like us.

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