Low Cost Data Labeling & Data Annotation

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Precise BPO Solution offers Training Data For Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Autonomous Vehicle, Research Labs and Robotics Companies.

Our in-house team of 300 plus full time annotators have good experience in various use cases such as, self-driving cars, drone/aerial navigation, landmark detection, face detection/recognition and more.

If you outsource image annotation to us we will give you the most satisfying results while keeping in the mind about your preferred requirements and affordability to deliver a best-in-class image recognition service.

High Quality Training Data


Precise BPO offers image annotation outsourcing services with deep learning and image recognition service to annotate pictures and data with precise labeling.

Image Annotation Services - Power your computer vision models with high-quality image data, meticulously tagged by our expert annotators.

We are been Providing image annotation services to the Artificial Intelligence industry since 2015. Our image annotation tools and our talented full time 300 plus annotators, trainers, quality analyst, project managers and team leaders takes full care of your requirements.

Precise BPO Solution is a low cost data labeling and image annotation service provider offering best quality training data.

A Complete Range of Image Annotation Services for Machine Learning

  • Bounding box Image Annotation
  • Pixel level Semantic Segmentation
  • Polygonal / Contour Image Annotation
  • Landmark Annotation (We can mark facial features, joint positions or landmarks using individual points)
  • Cuboid annotation
  • Image Annotation and Tagging
  • Object recognition and image classification Services
  • Text Annotation
  • Line and splines annotation
  • Gesture and Expression Annotation
  • Data De-identification
  • Explicit Content Annotation

Our Data Labeling Process

How to send us file

You can send us file through ftp, dropbox, mail or google drive.

Or else Our Team can directly work on your platform

We work on various files like Images, Videos, text and Audio

How do we send output

We shall process the data and send you the desired output, you require through mail, google drive or ftp

Or else Our Team can directly work on your platform.

We can send you various outputs like JSON, COCO, TXT, XML, CSV etc.


Our team uses our own customized annotation tool to give you the output.

Our Team can also work directly on your platform.

Data needs to be clean , accurate, complete and well labeled so machine learning models are accurate.

200 Plus full time employees

We use only in-house, full-time and highly trained annotators.
Our Team has good hands on various annotation tools.

Periodic Evaluation & Traning

All Annotators are evaluated for speed and accuracy on an ongoing basis, to ensure that we are being as efficient as possible.


Best Quality Team

Our tasks are annotated by trained and qualified workers with additional layers of quality control checks.

Scaling Capacity

We process millions of tasks each month and are built to rapidly scale up and down to meet your requirements.

Ready to get started?
Contact us to discuss more about your needs.

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