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About US


Precise BPO Solution is a privately owned India (Pune)-based corporation and has been in the outsourcing industry for more than 10 years. PBS has two Main Service Offerings:  
Document Management Services.
Labeling and Annotation services.

Our corporate office and production center is located in Pune also known as oxford of East. The city is approximately 120 miles from Mumbai (Bombay).

We at Precise BPO Solution employs IT professionals with a diverse set of skills. Over the years, we have worked with many companies in a variety of industries and have developed a solid set of standards to assure a successful client relationship. 

Our Main Services


Document Management Services

Precise BPO Solution Document Management division has decade of experience in the area of Data Entry, Data Processing and Data Conversion in various industries such as Healthcare, Financial, Web/e Commerce, Retail, Transportation, and more. 

We convert and capture information from tens of thousands of Paper Forms, Surveys, Directories, Web Sites, Business Reply Cards, Records, Invoices, Rebates, Insurance Forms, Index Cards every day to electronic formats such as Text, CSV, Excel, databases like Microsoft Access, and any custom formats your applications may need, with over 99.5% accuracy and 1-2 day turnaround time. 


Data Labeling/Annotation Services

Precise BPO Solution data labeling division helps AI companies to generate human labeled training data for computer vision models at scale.

We provide Annotation and tracking services for various industries like Driverless Car, Smart Drone Tech, Mapping and Satellites, Intelligent Roberts, Agriculture Technology etc.

Our Team has good hands on various annotation tools like Bounding Box, Landmark Annotation, Semantic Segmentation, Polygonal Annotation, Cuboids Annotation, Video Annotation and Line Annotation. 

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Site Address :
B3, Floor No: 01,
Swami Samarth Bldg.,
Gurudwara Road, Walhekarwadi
Pune 411033 

Reg Address :
No 10, Samarth Vihar A Building, Survey No 14/7, Near Maherwat, Dhayari,
Pune 411041

P: +91 797 262 0994
P: +91 982 262 2544