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Computer Vision Solutions

Computer vision solutions are becoming accessible to almost every industry, from driverless vehicle, sports, medical research and ecommerce all thanks to dramatic advances in machine learning scalability.

Data labeling for Computer Vision

We helps AI companies to generate human labeled training data for computer vision models at scale though our fully Managed Service.

We can annotate images specific to your business needs – generating high quality training data to ensure your model is always accurate as possible.

We provide Annotation and tracking services for various industries like Driverless Car, Smart Drone Tech, Mapping and Satellites, Intelligent Roberts and Agriculture Technology.

Our Team has good hands on various annotation tools like Bounding Box, Landmark Annotation, Semantic Segmentation, Polygonal Annotation, Cuboids Annotation, Video Annotation and Line Annotation.

Finding, Matching Images and Captions, e-commerce Tagging, Data Categorization and GeoCode Location Mapping.

Benefit of using our services

●    We have years of experience in generating quality annotation from         image and video based inputs.
●    We have best practices in self driving vehicles, sports and                       e-Commerce environment.
●    We provide much better quality as compare to crowdsourcing with          best pricing.
●     Identities, behaviors, and skills are known.
●     In-house Human Intelligence Experts acting as project managers to        take care of task workflows and QA. 

Site Address :

No: B3, Floor No: 01,
Swami Samarth Bldg.,
Gurudwara Road, Walhekarwadi
Pune 411033 

Reg. Address :

F. No 10, Samarth Vihar A Building, Survey No 14/7, Near Maherwat, Dhayari,
Pune 411041


Phone: +91 982 262 2544
Fax:      +91 020 2767 5127